Reflections On

What It Is,
How It Developed/Develops,
How It Processes to Death
(but Possibly Need Not Do so),
What It Tells About Our Universe

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The book in the attached Original PDF (that of the attached AMENDED Condensed PDF being an attempt to present the primary theories of the Original PDF as well as subsequent material) is in six parts preceded by a Table of Contents and Page 1 (the Original PDF page-numbering system will require the addition of 6 to any book-numbered page which is sought). Page 1 probably contains material of the most unprecedented nature of any other page in the book. Beyond Page 1, Part 6 gives history and background of the book's development (perhaps the most readable Part).  Parts 1 and 2 (readable or not) underlie much else in the book. Parts 3-5 are essentially sections on the complicated "How to do it" process to possibly eliminate disease and human maladies and for other reasons (see especially Text for Part 4, Pages 101-115 and perhaps Text, Page 88).

I would mention that on Page 400 there is a brief presentation of a possible basis for the 4 obvious dimensions through which we move, i.e. time and the 3 spatial dimensions.

Also, on Page 422 is found an even briefer presentation of a basis for the expansion of our universe, and on Page 466 is a proposal for the source of the fine-structure constant, often mentioned by physicists. As to another important constant, I have suspected the basis for the 120 odd-numbered pages of Part 4, beginning on Page 117, might very well have to do with the basis for the cosmological constant proposed by Einstein.

I would like to say my book makes reference to the possible source and remedy of some of the terrible diseases which afflict humans such as cancer and Alzheimer's, but there is only one brief reference to cancer on Page 465 and one to Alzheimer's on Page 469. However, my very strong sense has been that the diseases afflicting us are the result of the misaligned, unbalanced functioning of our bodies. Therefore, insofar as there is veracity to the large daily system I have laid out for aligned, balanced bodily functioning, then I would propose that my entire book is a treatise on eliminating disease.

I am officially copyrighting my book, hopefully to discourage against any human tendency to claim credit for ideas which might be valid and are first suggested in this work. Insofar as I have not given credit where due, I trust I will be corrected. My work has been done in a completely alone state with only some books as collaborators and a very occasional reference to the Web.

Essentially, no one has ever read any of this work because I have found no one interested in the question, "Why are we here?" as based on my primary reason for asking the question and as based on the only source available to me to pursue an answer. The primary reason for my asking the question has been my conviction that until we have a factually known and verifiable answer to this question, there is to be no known ultimate usefulness to that with which I might concern myself.

The only source available to me to pursue an answer to "Why are we here?" has been myself as the laboratory, initially suspecting that if I could determine the real relationships between all the parts of my body, then the edifice to which I would become privy would quite likely serve as a guide to the larger edifice, the universe of which it is a part.

"Myself as the laboratory" will no doubt be viewed as an unreliable source, but it is what I have had, and I have listened to it for 25 years, creating innumerable iterations of the connections I was seeing until at last they all spoke in one voice.

The most crucial summation of my 25-year effort to determine the relationship of my body parts to one another (bones, muscles, organs, glands, etc.) and draw some possible relationship of our bodies to the rest of the universe will be found on Page 1 of the PDF containing the book. It has been my hope that the radical nature of what is presented on Page 1 will pique enough interest to entice a further perusal of the work.

I make myself vulnerable now by finally trying to share this work, but it is what I have to offer, and I hope to enlarge any conversations which have been held heretofore based on a desire to truly understand the workings of living creatures and to determine whether such an understanding will lead to understanding our universe. I hope my effort will at least be viewed kindly.